Project: Streaming Video App
Role: UX Design | Creative Developer | UI Engineer
Project: TV Streaming Video App Template

  • Provided guidance to ensure design aligned with platform design patterns and specifications
  • Created custom component from design concept that scrolled text when user focused on content with truncated title
  • Designed & developed a white label template for easy branding of new apps with minimal effort, ensuring usability consistency and scalability
  • Wrote documented white label style guideline to accompany the app
  • Implemented voice user interface (VUI) and translated content to Spanish
  • Implemented styling, animations for 5 brands; NBC, USA Now, SyFy Now, Bravo Now, and Telemundo

Goal: To build a design system that helps create a consistent experience across all brands

  • u-xb1-1
  • u-xb1-2
  • n-xb1-1
  • n-xb1-2
  • s-xb1-1
  • s-xb1-2