8 March

Usability Research Template

I wanted to share my research template that I use to help communicate with my team what our research goals are. Hope it can help you as well. Research Objective: This is a focused objective stating what you hope to learn from this study and how to measure it. It can be as simple as access […]

8 March

UX Hypothesis Format

There are plenty of great UX Hypothesis formats out there. They helped me get started in using them and I am a huge advocate in making them part of your design process. This is a format I came up with after using them that has worked great for me. Customer Hypothesis For [this type of […]

11 April

Video for Prototyping on 10ft, Part 2

After testing out the video framework on part 1 of this post, I am on a mission to test and measure the effort of building my own. Custom sometimes just ends up being quicker. For one thing, you familiar with your own code and you don’t have to worry about version updates breaking your stuff. […]

7 April

Video for Prototyping on 10ft, Part 1

I do a lot of prototyping for 10ft. We build a lot of media apps so having a video player is key. The issue is since it is a 10ft experience, users interact with the media player controls via a remote (example; Siri remote) or a controller (example; Xbox or PS4). We create our prototypes […]

12 February

Insight into Smartwatches: Pain Points and Usage

Curious about smartwatches, I decided to do some design research and asked what people liked or didn’t like about their smartwatch. I got some pretty powerful statements: “I personally like it, but it didn’t change my life like getting a smart phone.” “I don’t know about a watch that needs recharging every other day…or the […]

13 August

Augmented Reality Changing How We Consume

During grad studies, we were tasked with presenting innovative ways we are currently consuming products and services, i.e. grocery stores reinventing shopping. I presented how augmented reality although not new, is changing consumer behavior in the way we can find services, the purchasing experience and how it contributes to the “zero moment of truth” (ZMOT).

11 August

One Page Visual Resume

Credit to XPLANE for their 1-page visual resume which they call an xmap. It lets you represent yourself visually. This was a fun idea visualization exercise.

31 July

A Few Other Benefits to Personas

(Image Credit: Gemma MacNaught) Personas can be a great tool to make sure your product and company is user-centered. These fictitious characters are created from data gathered while observing real customers. They are used to help teams grasp who the user is they are designing or developing for so the product is more focused. However, personas shouldn’t just be […]

15 May

One Size Fits All Approach Towards Multiple Platforms

I’m a huge fan of building apps and websites matching the design pixel per pixel. This stems from the fact that I got into development being a designer first. When I first started designing websites we worried about all the different browsers and making sure the designed looked closely the same throughout all of them. […]

23 May

Customer Journey Map Template

Customer Journey Map Template

After researching for a customer journey map template and finding various types. I decided to take bits and pieces of each and create my own for my graduate final project. This is what I came up with. I’ve had a few people ask me for the template file. I created the original in keynote but […]