Leslie Sultani

Leslie Sultani


I'm a Design
Leader of Digital
Products &
Remote Teams


Innovative product designer passionate about creating compelling, meaningful and delightful human moments through immersive interactive experiences.

Facilitate design thinking to enable high-performing cross-functional teams in creating customer-centered products. Creative problem-solving to distill complexity, inspire, make ideas tangible and envision next-generation digital experiences.

Launched more than 20 apps, several of which were high-impact, large-scale applications from conception to production. History of working on user-centric, data/KPI driven, B2B, B2C, enterprise, end-to-end cloud products, and SaaS for mobile, web, TV, and consoles across multiple industries.


Responsive Online Game Platform. As the Design Lead/Head of Design for a small team that incubated a new casual gaming business, I managed the user experience and drove the end-to-end design of a consumer-facing immersive online interactive service. Through user-centric research, we developed a personalized, inclusive, and frictionless gaming experience that provided social connections, quick play options, immersive storytelling, and easy-to-follow tutorials, all while addressing the basic human needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness for casual gamers with busy lives. We identified an opportunity to capitalize on an underexploited asset with high direct traffic, presenting the possibility of expanding into a new market, drawing in new customers, extending brand awareness, and enhancing customer engagement. To achieve this, we focused on redefining the website's user experience to increase engagement and successfully convert 4.9% of direct traffic into subscribers. In addition to establishing the design direction, I hired and managed agencies and a high-performing team, conducted user & market research, market analysis, and spearheaded the brand vision and identity.

ESPN+ App for iOS & Android. As a UX & Visual Designer, I was responsible for designing the iOS and Android apps for a direct-to-consumer subscription service that offered a seamless live sports viewing experience for fans. After Disney's majority share purchase of MLB/BAMTECH, I was part of the design team tasked with integrating a multi-sport purchasing and viewing experience into the ESPN App. Taking a mobile first approach, creating a design system that allowed for consistent implementation across multiple devices, designing and prototyping purchasing, upsell and free trial user flows, and implementing a picture-in-picture experience. Our design led to an incredible success, with 600k subscriptions within 48 hours and up to 2 million subscriptions in just 10 months after launch.

Sports Data Visualization Tool

Digital Transformation Platform for Manufacturing. As Lead Product Design & Development, I conducted market research for a digital transformation start-up to define a go-to-market strategy that drove product strategy. Identified the primary market and leveraged it as a gateway to expand into other markets downstream to create a network effect. Proposed the reclassification and consolidation of their products into a SaaS platform offering, and designed the platform to meet customer needs and align with the company's goals. Additionally, I updated branding, designed and build their website to better reflect the company's vision and values.

Navigation AR Concept Design for Smart City

Showtime Anytime App for Xbox

GoPro App for iOS, Android, Apple TV & Playstation

Esports Streaming App for Apple & Fire TV

NBC Universal Channels; USA Now, Bravo Now, SyFy Now & Telemundo for Xbox. As the sole front-end developer, I converted designs into a fully functional and visually appealing application in C# for Xbox. To achieve this, I implemented the UI and motion design, collaborating closely with design to ensure that the application was user-friendly. Additionally, I produced documentation to guide the content development team in utilizing the template effectively, resulting in a consistent brand experience for users. Overall, my role was crucial in delivering a high-quality white-label application that provided an exceptional user experience.

Floor Intelligence Tool. As a Product Manager of User Experience, I led the design and development of a 3D solution project that improved efficiency and productivity. I managed the user experience from start to finish, defining the product roadmap and collaborating with cross-functional teams. I conducted user research to inform product strategies and tactics, and managed partnerships to ensure scalability. The result was a Logistics Digital Intelligent tool and data visualization tool that reduced processing time and reduced headcount, enabling smooth line balancing and reduced inventory for our first customer.

Blue Dot AR Wayfinding App

Lane Level Traffic Flow On-Board Unit

Live TV OTT Platform for Phone, Tablet, Web & TV devices

CBS Sports App for Win & Xbox

NHL.TV Sports App for Apple TV, Fire TV & Xbox

MLB.TV Sports App for Apple TV, Fire TV

PGA Tour Live app for iOS, Android & Web

GoPro Channel & E-Commerce for Xbox

Azure IoT Suite: Provisioning Portal